XTerra Drilling Depth & Depth data monitoring system

XTerra Drilling Depth & Depth data monitoring system Laser Distance Measurement and Drilling Process Monitoring.

 DTI XTerra is a self contained Digital Drilling system that monitors the Drilling Process:

  • Hole depth
  • Actual Drilling Depth
  • Rate of Penetration
  • Number of Drill Rods in Hole
  • Automatic stop at desired target depth.
  • Safe tramming, only if pipe is out the hole.
  • Drilling Data collection, Hole History Data.

Optional RPM and Pressure inputs can be monitored too.

Simple to use, the XTERRA Drilling System is designed with the end user in mind. Simple instruction manuals and support staff are ready to help.

The DTI XTerra System comes complete with:

  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Tough, Computer designed and built to operate in harsh and extreme conditions.
  • DTI Terra DP3 Laser designed and built tough with the DTI Extra Heavy Duty enclosure for the extreme working conditions of the mining industry. Built to withstand moisture, shock and vibration.
  • Touch Screen Monitor with enhanced graphics and preferences.

Main Screen:

XTerra Drilling Depth & Depth data monitoring system Screen