Digital Guidance & Drilling Setup System for Boom-Design Underground, Jumbo & Production Drills

The DTI GroundBlaster is a self contained setup system utilized in angular or plain blast pattern developments. Difficult compound angles are pre-calculated in real time with 0.1° accuracy and stored.

The GroundBlaster assists the operator to navigate the drill’s feed (mast) to each blast hole.

All three (3) axis of setup rotation, the ring, dump and azimuth angle targets are shown on the screen for each individual blast hole.

Drilling plans can be pre loaded into a computers memory on site or via file transfer.

The system measures and determines the next hole setup angles regardless of the positioning of the drill insuring that all blast holes are corresponding to a “pre-entered” drilling pattern.

GROUND BLASTER Operating ScreenGROUND BLASTER Operating Screen 2