The DTI XTerra is a Self-contained Digital Drilling System that offers; Full Navigation, Positioning, Alignment, and Data Storage, giving the most accurate navigation for surface drilling applications. The DTI system guides and monitors pre-loaded custom drill hole patterns and saves data history via satellite tracking, GPS 30 and Glonass.

Xterra GPSDTI XTERRA GPS eliminates the need for surveyors or drillers to stake a pattern.

  • DTI XTERRA GPS provides the drill operator with a moving map to allow quick navigation to the desired hole location.
  • Problems with lost or buried stakes are eliminated and surveying is not required.
  • As the drill navigates around the pattern, DTI Xterra system shows the pattern replicated on a moving map on the operator’s display.
  • Mines can design drill patterns off-site and download them to the drill, or the operator can layout standard patterns on board the drill, on the fly.
  • Turns data into informational Comprehensive data about each hole and the delays incurred is transmitted back to the office server by a secure telemetry system. This information is then stored in an open SQL database. Data can be easily integrated with the Microsoft® Office Suite to generate reports, create diagrams and share information. This allows real-time fleet information to be used in decision making to maximize productivity.
  • Simple to use. The XTERRA is designed with the end user in mind. Simple instruction manuals and support staff are ready to help.
  • Accuracy within 30 mm. AngleBlaster feature eliminates calculating complicated compound angles.

The DTI XTerra System comes complete with:

  • Heavy Duty, Industrial Tough, Computer designed and built to operate in harsh and extreme conditions.
  • Touch Screen Monitor with enhanced graphics and preferences.
  • Three (3) Dish Antennas that track 30 GPS and 21 Glonass Satellites in real time for positioning, navigation and alignment within 30 mm grade accuracy.
  • Two (2) RF MODEMS that transmit corrections to Receivers.
  • Two (2) RECEIVERS receive satellite signals and generates correction message.
  • DTI Dynamic Position Correction Data Stream software with enhanced visuals for easy operation. Retro-fit installation? Retro-fitting to any drill is a simple and easy task. The simplicity of the system allows for easy onsite installation by qualified mine technicians.

Xterra GPS Screen 1

Xterra GPS Screen 2

Xterra GPS Screen 3

Xterra GPS Screen 4